Early Weeks Program

My beautiful baby has arrived... what's next??

ParentEd WA is going to be the home of a new, doctor-lead postnatal education course- filling the gaps of knowledge that parents wish they had known before their baby's arrival!

The Early Weeks program will combine a variety of parenting topics; from what to expect recovering from birth, to feeding, sleep and developmental information. It will also give parents general information on common mum and baby medical issues that can arise in the first few months.

A portion of the class will also be aimed at helping new mums and dads with the transition to parenthood, by discussing emotional health, self-care and how to feel prepared for the changes that are to come after their little one arrives.

The course will cover the 'who/what/when/where/why?' of support, information and health care services available locally, by phone and on-line. New parents will be given up-to-date, trusted resources to ensure they know what is available to them, so they can navigate the huge catalogue of parenting information with confidence. 

Most importantly, the course emphasises that there is no one-size-fits-all, and that to be the best parent you need to be far from perfect!

More information on the course will become available throughout the year, with classes proposed to begin in 2020. 

Perth WA Australia

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