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Parenting on an empty tank

Sometimes it seems like we have access to all of the parenting tools, tips and hints in the world. The internet, social media, educators, parenting advisors, our social circle... if we look hard enough or ask enough sources, we will, more often than not, gain insight into the parenting problem at hand.

But what if the problem is not having the energy to look? Or the patience to persist? Or adequate support?

Attending CPR courses, we learn to check for danger and send for help before attending to the person in need. In the pre-flight video on any commercial airline, we are taught to fix an oxygen mask to ourselves before we do so to our children.

We, as parents, need to to help ourselves first to be able to help others.

While we may have access to the knowledge of how to help, it is often overwhelmed by the barriers to being able to carry through with what we know or what we want to do.

By all means, continue to learn, grow and find out how to improve parenting style and choices to align with how you want to raise your children. Stay curious, and open to growth.

But if you struggle, if you are exhausted, if you are ‘touched out’ or ‘burnt out’, put the priority on fixing your oxygen mask or asking for help first.

We can’t give to others what we don’t have to give ourselves!


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