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Confidence in Caregivers

As a doctor, I have seen and helped manage births that follow an expected path, and many that haven't.

Midwives and obstetricians play a vital role in ensuring the safety and health of both mum and baby, and provide medical and supportive care throughout pregnancy.

In an ideal world, parents-to-be would be able to spend as much time as needed with their caregiver, to talk through matters related to the physical and mental health of mum and baby, as well as more personalised emotional and social factors that can affect how women cope with pregnancy and labour. As it stands, there often just aren’t enough hours in a caregiver’s day!

Childbirth or ‘antenatal’ education classes aim to bridge this gap, and provide an understanding of what to expect from birth. Frequently, with large class sizes and short class times, this gap is often only half-filled, with little time to explore more individualised questions, fears or concerns.

The Calmbirth® program complements the role of the caregiver, to enable parents-to-be to spend two days learning about what to expect, as well as the unexpected nature of birth, and gives couples the opportunity to look into what their feelings and beliefs are towards labour, delivery and early parenting.

With small class sizes of up to 4-6 couples, an educator experienced in pregnancy care, and an evidence-based curriculum, Calmbirth® aims to fill in those gaps. It teaches couples practical skills to help women move through labour, and provides a safe and supportive environment for couples to learn more about birth, themselves and each other in the process.

Having trust in a caregiver is incredibly important, as is having enough knowledge for women to trust themselves and their partner to confidently move through birth, however it unfolds.


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