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Build Confidence with Calmbirth®

Having a baby often brings with it a mix of anticipation, excitement, worry, joy and apprehension.

There are so many ‘unknowns’ in pregnancy and childbirth, which can sit well with some, and not so comfortably with others.

Whilst it can initially feel easiest and or natural to limit knowledge around birth with ‘what I don’t know can’t hurt me’, it’s not uncommon for new parents to find themselves thinking ‘why did no one tell me this could happen?’ or ‘I didn’t know what was going on!’.

In some cases, a turning away from education around what can be expected or even unexpected in labour and delivery can exacerbate feelings of a loss of control, and can contribute to parent’s perceptions of a traumatic or distressing birth.

The Calmbirth® program aims to instil evidence-based knowledge and skills in women and their partner to move through labour and birth with increased confidence and less fear or anxiety.

Calmbirth® allows couples to break down any existing fearful or unhelpful beliefs, understand the expected course of birth, and be armed with knowledge and tools to approach any unexpected events with a sense of preparedness.

ParentEd WA provides doctor-lead Calmbirth courses monthly, at the Baby Steps Health Centre in Wembley.

Contact ParentEd WA at parentedwa@gmail.com or visit www.parentedwa.com.au for more information, or to reserve a spot in an upcoming course.


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