Our Story


ParentEd WA was created by a Perth-based medically qualified doctor as a means to combine a passion for education with an interest in women and children's health. It was also founded to address the often overwhelming need to help parents prepare for the vulnerable and often confusing time of early parenthood. 

There are already many pregnancy and parenting resources available, which means that while access is often easy, credibility and quality of information can be hard to find.


Knowledge is often best gained when presented in a way that is unbiased, based on up-to-date knowledge, relatable to the local community, and with concepts and ideas that are simple and effective.

The main goals of ParentEd WA are to:

  • Impart evidence-based knowledge surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood

  • Promote confidence and trust in parent's perception of their abilities

  • Educate and facilitate learning without judgement

  • Provide parents with information about reliable resources and services that are available both locally in Perth and through a variety of different sources 

  • Fill in the gaps of knowledge and learning that often arise during pregnancy and parenthood


Perth WA Australia

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