Why choose Calmbirth®?

The Calmbirth® Childbirth Education Program aims to empower couples with knowledge, alleviate anxiety, and provide evidence-based skills and tools to promote the best, safest birth for couples and their babies.

It not only covers knowledge of what happens physically during labour and delivery, but also the psychology of birth, important relationships, and useful tools and skills that combine to create the birth experience- both its progress and outcome. 

Calmbirth® focuses on the 'best birth' for the mother and baby, whether that be a natural birth, caesarean section, epidural or drug-free delivery- or anything in between! 

It also encourages couples to have the ability to cope with whatever expected or unexpected events may arise, that may lead to a different direction to what was originally planned for their birth.

'Calm' simply implies that couples are given the ability to enter the rest of their pregnancy, labour and delivery from a place of confidence rather than fear.

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