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Doctor-lead pregnancy and parenting education, with an emphasis on promoting confidence and connection in the growing and raising of children


About ParentEd WA

ParentEd WA uses evidence-based education to assist families to move through pregnancy, birth and early parenting with confidence.


With knowledge comes the ability to create a pregnancy and parenting experience that arises from intent instead of contempt or fear.  


A unique source of pregnancy and parenting information from a qualified medical doctor in Perth.


ParentEd WA is excited to bring the Calmbirth® Program to Perth. All courses are held at Baby Steps Health Centre in Wembley, with up to four couples attending together.


Participating in a Calmbirth® course allows for a thorough understanding of what labour and delivery can involve, and how to approach the birth of your baby without fear.


The program covers detail of the physiological and hormonal processes of pregnancy and birth.

It also discusses psychological  and emotional influences, and that they can be closely linked with how labour and delivery progresses, and how the birth experience is perceived by couples.

The Calmbirth® program also highlights practical tools and skills that can be used by women and couples to achieve their best birth, whatever that may be.

There is a strong emphasis on the role of the partner, as well as developing knowledge about the dynamic nature of birth, and how change in an unplanned direction need not create resistance or anxiety. 


Future Directions

ParentEd WA believes that there is no way to parent 'perfectly'. Evidence suggests that trying to achieve perfection in ourselves and in our children, can in fact limit the emotional development and strength of relationships within families. 


Every family is different, and yet there are some common issues and areas of knowledge that seem to arise with the theme of 'why did nobody tell me it would be like this?'.

Planning is underway to increase services to encompass parenting knowledge without judgement, particularly for the first 12 weeks after birth. This is a time that can be susceptible to uncertainty and sleep debt, and a point when questions can arise with regards to 'what now?' and 'what next?'.

ParentEd WA plans to create short courses, and information sessions covering a range of topics, particularly focussed on the early parenting phase. More updates and information to come.

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